Saturday, October 22, 2016

Photos du tournage Elle voulait courir / Shoots from my first short film

Here are some images of my shootings. Most of them are made at the magic hour since most of the story happens at dawn. I am very happy with the results I am getting and all the help as well. I gave thanks to heavens for all the good actors I am getting and the wonderful scenery that only the south of France could give me. I am thrill with joy, filmmaking is all that I love. 

WANTED Crottes de nez baladeuse

This is a piece from the storyboard of my film project ¨Wanted. Crottes de nez baladeuse¨ which in french means ¨Wanted, Walking snoots around¨. This is the first project in a long time that I have assistance. My college Olivier Girerd, a guy with more than thirty years of experience in telefilms, is giving me a hand. I love the way he has guided me and I wish to bring to light this project along with him.



Thursday, August 18, 2016

Elle voulait courir - She wanted to run - Ella quería correr

Do you know what is it that I love about ink? You have to be right. You can't and must not be wrong.Either you do it or don't, at any rate, ink will tell you if you weren't in the here-now. So, it is not likely that you are going to be perfect, nobody is. I have written and storyboarded a story about a man who is obsessed about his work. He works in a tight deadline set only by himself. Each morning he gets up and do some exercise at the parc. There he sees a woman who is terribly ill. Despite her cancer she fights to make her laps around the field. They never interchange words, but they do share a common space. He looks to gain a better performance in his already ¨set to win¨ life, she looks to prove herself that she is still here.

Tuesday, August 02, 2016


Last video of my Avignon one day trip. In this video I wanted to mix fast movement panning while showing the different kinds of walkers at the carnival. I am working in expressing the emotion of the street dynamism that I felt at Avignon. People going up and down trying to see the most of it, others just trying to figure it out where they where. Lastly I must say that the black nun is real.

Friday, July 29, 2016

An analogy of love

I used to draw a lot for improve my skills. Today I just enjoy filming. I want to get, I just want to ENJOY better by doing it more enjoyable. This just happen to me when I was visiting Avignon-France. This are not actors, this just happen.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


I used to draw a lot for improve my skills. Today I just enjoy filming. I want to get, I just want to ENJOY better by doing it more enjoyable.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Thursday, June 16, 2016

L’équipe de recensement de rien

Synopsis: Un équipe de prospecteurs sont envoyés à dénombrer quoique ce soit. 
Petit exercice de vidéo pour faire rire(on essaie) fait maison.

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Mythological Baby Auras

Digital Illustrations. The last of all of them. I have worked devotedly in my projects on the animation field for the past four years without giving them a real chance to see the light. I did put a good fight and show them here and there but I wasn't too sure, I was not convinced that they will carry me somewhere valuable. I keep changing the subjects, the ways of the story, the methods....I even change cities in the search of a better education to no avail. I read many books about animation and many others of self help, I read many children's books as well. Then one day, after some helpful critic of my friend Eve, I remade for fourth time this story of this mythological children beasts. I finally loved.  Then it hit me. I realized that what I loved of it was that it resembled a movie. It was cinematografic.

I was running from myself. I mean, the things that got me down was to be in front of a computer all day long using just one hand to draw and drying my eyes for three seconds of animation, saying to myself that there is no alternative and that it is to late to change.  On the contrary, the thing that got me up was visualizing the story, Seeing it in my mind's eye. I kept changing because what I enjoyed most was creating/seeing and I didn't know how to produce what I envisioned. Somewhere, deep in my heart I said to myself that I will become a movie director one day.  So I took my camera and start filming all alone in the park, in a parking, my girlfriend, anything just to see what I was capable of. And there it was, my true talent, always awaiting that I had enough courage to take it.

I used to cursed myself saying, how is that I have lost so much time drawing and hiding from the world. Then I was able to see otherwise. It is not that I have wasted my time drawing and animating, is that good directors are able to draw and think in motion.

At this moment I write this at august 17 of 2016, for esthetical reasons I date this post as 7 of june.

Mes Petites Bestioles. The last page.

Mes Petites Bestioles: Warning

Mes Petites Bestioles. Digital Vs Analogique 2.

I actually already made my mind over this project. As elaborated it may seam this illustrations, they are just a part of a larger process. Anyhow I find myself guilty of loving the process to much. Simplicity is a gift that comes from and after of trying too hard.

Mes Petites Bestioles: Cover

Monday, June 06, 2016

Mes Petites Bestioles: The great color mess!

I am starting to post everything now. So here is something that has no use at all BUT, I am showing it ANYHOW. I think is beautifull ANYWAY!

Friday, January 29, 2016

La Jalousie de Jon - Jon's jeaulousy -La envidia de Jon

Petit bout à bout pour mon projet ¨Mes petites bestioles¨
First sample montage for my project ¨Demon Nursery¨
Mi primer montaje de muestra para mi proyecto ¨Mis pequeñas bestias¨

Monday, November 30, 2015

Soundscape exercise

Second self imposed challenge. The objective for me was to make in four hours an animatic with a soundscape. The theme was simple; a young lady takes a coffee in an airport.

Wakfu study. In-model exercise

Simple analysis of an animation piece of Ankama Studios series Wakfu. I am a big fan of them!
Whenever I have seen an artist drawing in a museum something already painted by some huge artist, I did not get it. I though? ¨ Oh they are cheating!!!¨ but now I acknowledge that imitation is the basis to apprenticeship. This I did by watching a sequence of Wakfu in youtube and redrawing it form zero in a day or so.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Mes Petites Bestioles; The Pascale&André Shot

This is one of the most complicated shots I have in my film project. Probably the most.  I have decided to dedicated this drawing to Pascale and his husband André. Two wonderful French people  who Lidia, my love, had the luck to found. Pascale not only search all the miss spellings I had in the written part of my project but she also edited the text and read it to André who as well, take his turns at the text.  Thanks to them, to the kindness of yet another teacher called Marylene Rolland who reviewed many others documents as well, and of course Lidia, my love, I have what I have. And I am very happy about it. Thanks to all.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Time as a whole. This is a difficult concept. How we really know? How we assign time to our characters? There are some unspoken rules about them and there are the rules of old books which we had already stop reading considering them obsolete. So, I ask but get no answer from the critics. My father call it structure and mention that the quantity of time dedicated to one character is the importance the films gives to it, but then he goes no further about it. I keep going, alone as always and I find two important things about it. Yes is true, if we want to develop a character, we need time. But if we do not have it(which it is frequent), we need to strength his/her/it act. At any case, in general, we cannot make abuse it. A character needs time, even if his/her/it act is strong and passionate, clear and readable. much time does he/she/it really needs?

Time as a whole. We need to see time truly. We become habituated to see it in the chaotic windonws of after effects and it become a sort of contained accident. I feel we need to determine how much each thing, each character, each sound its appearing so we can judge the proportions of the presence of them. Every character is a frequency, a pulse that send out a feeling. The combination of them makes the larger feeling and lastly, what we remember from the movie. If he/she/it is not appearing much, it should appear in proportion to others so he can compensate his/her/its silences. If he is appearing just once, it has to be justified. Any other rate should be compensated.

After my dream of the Roman Room, I decided to paint stones with colors and make a big trace over the floor. I put every stone in order according to the storyboard and the magic began to happen. First, I started to take seriously decisions which I had left to chance. They started to became important parts of my production. For example, if a photo appeared, the photo could be of anyone of the kids of my script, now it can only be of he who need to be noted or hinted so the viewer can anticipated what will happen. Second, I started to change the order of appearance. In a group shot I had order kind of randomly the characters thinking ¨well, he or she is the important and the rest are all the same since they are a group¨. This is not possible for me anymore. Yes there is always somebody more important than some other but that is not the end of it. The story always comes from some point and goes to another and chances are that there will be a character who had begun the action and some other will continue in the next scene. Succes is in hinting accions sensually.

He orshe who is going to take action in the next scene should become more important in the group and so the others characters in relation, even is theirs roles are minor. Nothing has to be left to chance. Thirdly, I knew exactly how much time I should take out from the protagonists and which acts of the secondary characters I had and could eliminate. Nothing serious to the script but of utmost importance for the story to fit right in time and feeling. Fourthly, objects and sounds began to become necessary extensions of presence of characters in a much deeper way that I had never though of.  

Here I have measured the five minutes I had for my film then I have put the rocks as the characters appear. Giving weather conditions, scarcity of rocks and not having a great ladder to take a picture really above it, I had to use Photoshop. So please, if you want to read this correctly, regard the very first picture (up, first). There you will see that white rocks means the minutes, black coals the quarter of minutes and colored stones the characters. The curved line with ochre rocks that lays down to the whole, marks the intensity and velocity of actions. Thanks for reading.